Indian Health Facility Guidelines

Version 1.2 July 2014

The new Indian Health Facility Guidelines (HFG-India) are available for viewing and free download through this web site. Users may download the guidelines in large PDF files, or select only the relevant parts and associated components. For quick access to the guidelines index page, click on "View Index" button below.

Guideline Sections Size Price
Part A - Administrative Provisions 4.2mb Free View Index Preview Download
• Part A1 - IPHS Guidelines for Sub-Centres 2.3mb Free Preview Download
• Part A2 - IPHS Guidelines for Primary Health Centres 5.7mb Free Preview Download
• Part A3 - IPHS Guidelines for Community Health Centres 2.5mb Free Preview Download
• Part A4 - IPHS Guidelines for Sub-District / Sub-Divisional Hospitals 3.9mb Free Preview Download
• Part A5 - IPHS Guidelines for District Hospitals 11.2mb Free Preview Download
Part B - Health Facility Briefing and Design 6.6mb Free View Index Preview Download
Part C - Access, Mobility, OH&S 603.4kb Free View Index Preview Download
Part D - Infection Control 516.3kb Free View Index Preview Download
Part E - Engineering Services and Environmental Design 569.5kb Free View Index Preview Download
Health Facility Briefing System (HFBS)

Health Facility Briefing System (HFBS) is a powerful suite of web-based applications for the detailed Project Planning, Briefing, Scheduling, Asset Management and Auditing of healthcare facilities.

Health Facility Briefing System (HFBS) has numerous indispensable standards-based modules available via annual subscription. It suits healthcare Architects, Medical Planners, Equipment Planners Project Managers and Health Authorities.

To learn more about the HFBS web-based Healthcare Briefing and Design Software and to obtain editable versions of the “Standard Components” including Room Data Sheets (RDS) and Room Layout Sheets (RLS) offered on this website, click here:

The HFBS short brochure including a description of all modules can be downloaded here: HFBS 5 modules

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